2018 Teambuilding Event: Cool Time in Buildwin
        To increase the cohesion and mutual trust among its staff, Buildwin International (Zhuhai) Limited organized a teambuilding event on July 14th which consisted in outdoor games and indoor competitive activities.
        Early in the morning, all people gathered and took a bus together to the first stop of the event, a farm at the Doumen District of Zhuhai where there were rows of fruit trees. Since it had rained for days, the mountains and forests became luxuriantly lush. Everyone felt so excited and began to design their nametags on bus.

        The first outdoor game was “Fixed Bubble”. Everyone got a chance to wear the “bubble clothes”, bump against the others and try their best to protect their team members from being pushed away from the designated spot.  

        At last, the Hercules team of Hao Yingbai, Ru Jinquan and Huang Haohong defeated the coach team and won the championship.
In return, we got a longan tree and then went to pick the fruits.

        In the second game, teams composed of four people started from different spots and chased other teams, stirring up a powdery dust and bringing the whole event to the climax.

        After all the outdoor activities, we went to Miaowan Chicken for lunch. All of us had a huge appetite and enjoyed the lunch very much.

        In the afternoon, we went to the CS Stadium and play reality CS and Rip-off Nametag. Since few stadiums in Zhuhai can accommodate hundreds of people, it was really a joy to play there with the air conditioner on.
        Get equipped with “weapons” and begin the hunting!

        Rip-off Nametag: try the best to defend the nametag!

        When we finally got out of the Stadium, the teambuilding event came to an end. The farm in the distance remained the same, but all the staff became much closer and had deeper understanding of team work and mutual trust. We hope that we will be encouraged and work harder in the future.
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