AppoTech Attends Computex Taipei 2018
        This year, the Computex was held at Taipei, China from June 5th to June 9th and 42,284 buyers from 168 countries worldwide were attracted to the event. Thanks to organization by the Zhuhai Bureau of Commerce and Zhuhai Software Industry Association, Buildwin International (Zhuhai) Limited and other well-known companies in Zhuhai went to Taipei and attended this show together.
        The Computex 2018 focused on AI, 5G, Blockchain, IoT, Innovations & Startups and Gaming & VR. Many overseas attendees at the fair were quite interested in AppoTech’s chips and application schemes. A number of speaker manufacturers that use AppoTech’s chips and schemes were also present there. With the AI technologies becoming more mature and the application of Bluetooth and Wifi flourishing, AppoTech will integrate its advantages to catch the wave of the smart IoT IC industry and become a champion of the smart life.

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