AppoTech: the Starting Point of 2018 Graduates’ Career
        It's spring again. Birds begin to sing again and flowers start to bud. On March 1st, the new colleagues recruited to Zhuhai and Shenzhen branch of AppoTech, namely the 2018 graduates, arrived at the company respectively to register and start their internship.
        In the afternoon, the HR in both branches went to the bus stations to pick up these new colleagues and arranged accommodations for them.
    After that, they made a half-day trip in Zhuhai/Shenzhen together with HR and got more familiar with the surroundings.       

        On the morning of March 2nd, all the new colleagues completed their registering procedures. The company held a welcome ceremony and introduced them to their mentors. The ceremony was simultaneously held at the Zhuhai branch and the Shenzhen branch via an online video call. Mr. Chuck Cheng, the CEO of AppoTech, and Mr. Chen Mingjiao, the General Manager of the Zhuhai and Shenzhen branch were present at the ceremony.

        On March 5th, all the new colleagues of Shenzhen branch arrived at the Zhuhai company and joined the Zhuhai colleagues in an one-week introduction training. The HR and experienced staff introduced the company, its culture, products, regulations and the basics of career planning and work etiquette.
        During the training, the new colleagues also organized many team building activities like self-introduction & memory competition, and water-transporting relay, leaving the whole training full of joy.
        All them soon got familiar with each other and enjoyed the training.  
        The President’s Word
        Dear new colleagues:
        How lively and vigorous you are! I believe that you will obtain a successful career in the near future, but wherever you go, I hope you will keep AppoTech in mind since you started your career here. It is a significant start of your journey to happiness and significance. In AppoTech, you will not only find congenial friends, but also work together with them for one shared goal and company. I wish you will realize your dreams here.
        At last, the new colleagues also shared their impression of AppoTech. Ding Jingjing said: “I am glad that I joined AppoTech since it’s such a lively family and always full of positive energy. I really love the friendly atmosphere here. My mentor helps me a lot to adapt to the workplace and the work. Moreover, as a foodie, I like the lunch, dinner, fruits, and snacks offered by the company and enjoy them very much. I hope I can finish my graduate thesis soon during the three-month internship and integrate into the company as soon as possible.”
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