Toward the Age of Intelligence with Global Wisdom
        On March 11, 2018, the AAMA-PRD 5th Anniversary and Inaugural Conference was held at the Shenzhen Research Institute Building of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The meeting was aimed at enhancing communications between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, making the AAMA more cohesive, and enabling members of AAMA to stay in touch with the Association and get the latest business information and opportunities. Mr. Chuck Cheng, CEO of AppoTech, attended the meeting as the president of the AAMA-PRD. Mr. Chen Mingjiao, the GM of the Shenzhen and Zhuhai branch of AppoTech, the management, sales representatives and agents were also present at the meeting.
       To start with, Dr. Robert P. Lee, Global Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the AAMA and Chairman of the Board of the AAMA-PRD, and Mr. Chuck Cheng delivered an opening speech respectively to extend welcome and thanks to all attendees.
        The first half of the conference mainly focused on keynote speeches and round table dialogues. Ms. Fanny Law, chairman of HK Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Mr. Zhang Keke, chairman of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Scientific Cooperation, Dr. Gao Qunyao, visiting professor at CUHK Business School, Mr. Liu Xiaoying, founder of Eagles Fund and other experts shared their opinion about the opportunities and challenges facing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and their insights into the development of the area and related investment based on the history and status quo of the San Francisco Bay Area.
        Then Mr. Lawrence Yee, the co-president of AAMA-PRD, delivered a speech on the AAMA Cradle Plan of Future Technology & Science and Business Leaders. Ten potential technology & science and business leaders introduced and presented their business plan to all people at the conference, including machine vision, precision medicine, cross-market arbitrage, fast Chinese-learning, and flexible electronics.
        President Chuck Cheng pointed out that scientific innovation is the driving force for the economic development in the new era and the Greater Bay Area led by Shenzhen will be a top economic entity through innovation and entrepreneurship. Hong Kong should give more support to its biotechnology, artificial intelligence, smart city, and financial technology to gain more advantage and benefit the start-up companies. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Chuck Chen presented souvenirs of the conference to all speakers.
        Lists of speakers:
1. Dr. Robert P. Lee: visiting professor at CUHK Business School, Global Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the AAMA, Chairman of the Board of the AAMA (Silicon Valley), Chairman of the Board of the AAMA-PRD.
2. Fanny Law: GBS, JP, Chairman of HK Science and Technology Parks Corporation.
3. Zhang Keke: Chairman of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Scientific Cooperation, Executive Dean of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Development Institute of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Production and Research Base.
4. Dr. Gao Qunyao: visiting professor of CUHK Business School, former Senior Vice-president of Wanda Culture Group and CEO of Wanda International Division, former Senior Vice-president of Global Operations of News Corp and Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc., CEO for China Investment and Strategic Development, former President and General Manager of Microsoft China.
5. Liu Xiaoying: founder of the Eagles Fund, partner of New Dragon Holding, Chairman of China Fortune Holdings Ltd., Co-founder of HBCC Investment, and partner of F50.
6. Jesús SEADE: Associate Vice-president for Global Affairs and professor (Management and Economics) at CUHK-Shenzhen, former Deputy Director-General of WTO.
7. Mr. S.C.Mak, Vice Chairman of the PRC Committee of the Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
8. Wang Mingxin: BBS, JP, Board Chairman of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited.
9. Yang Xiangyang: Chairman of Shenzhen Yuanzheng Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
10. Mr. Philip Leung: Vice Chairman & Founding President of the AAMA-PRD.
11. Josephine Cheng: NAE member, IBM Fellow, and former General Manager of IBM China Development Center.
12. Mr Rong Zhicheng: partner of Walden International.
13. Mr. Li Kaixiang: Managing Director of DTS (Dell Technologies)
14. Mr. Li Hansheng: founder of Leanone Angels Community, Chairman of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Association, Founding President of the AAMA, founder of Hinge Software Co., Ltd., President of Beijing Founder Electronics CO., Ltd., and former Vice President of HP China.
15. Charles Yen: Co-founder of AAMA Cradle Plan of Future Technology & Science and Business Leaders (Taipei), Director of Social Enterprises Insights Ltd., President of iLab Incubation Center, Independent Director of Eslite Corporation, Sinyi Realty Inc., and ChungHwa Telecom.

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