AppoTech (Twaiwan) Year-end Banquet: Usher in the Year of Dog
        Thanks to the hard work of all staff, AppoTech again achieved new heights in 2017. To celebrate these glorious achievements and extend appreciation to the staff for their efforts, Mr. Chuck Cheng, the CEO of AppoTech, organized a year-end party at the Landis Inn Chuhu on January 23, 2018.
        Before the Banquet began, Ms. Corrina Cho, the General Manager of Taiwan Branch led all staff to sing the company song “Glorious Chapters” to not only review the past 2017 but also encourage themselves and each other to keep working hard in 2018.
        Then the banquet officially started and the female MC presented wonderful performances, making the banquet also a feast for the eyes. The company also arranged many games like boxing and offered reward gifts so that the staff could enjoy food and exercise at the same time. There was a karaoke at the Inn, so the staff began to sing songs soon. Tiffany, daughter of the CEO, sang two songs continuously and impressed all the audience in particular.
        Happy times were always short, and the banquet soon came to the last session: lucky draw. Gifts offered by sponsors were presented to all the staff. Everyone got a red envelop and were quite pleased. The top prize finally went to General Manager Ms. Corrina Cho, who generously divided it into three and distributed it among the staff to thank them for the good job they’d done. By then, the banquet successfully concluded and all the staff began to leave for home with great determination to strive for bigger goals in 2018.
        May AppoTech a smooth and successful new year!
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