Bring in the New Year: AppoTech 2018 New Year Gala Successfully Concludes

        On January 19th, the AppoTech 2018 New Year Gala and Themed Banquet was successfully held at the Shenzhen Avant-Garde Hotel. Lots of renowned figures in the IC industry at home and abroad attended the gala, making it similar to an big event in the industry. Leaders of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, Global Foundries, E memory, Shenzhen Linengwei Microelectronics Ltd., ASE Group, China Resources Semicon Microelectronics Ltd. (Shenzhen), Dongguan Leadyo Ltd., and Shenzhen Able Electronics Co. were present.
        The banquet was composed of three parts: awarding ceremony, lucky draw, and performances. To express the gratitude to suppliers, agents, and all friends for their support, AppoTech presented “The Best Partner of 2017” to its strategic allies and “The Best Agent”, “Technological Innovation Award”, “Improved Market Performance” and “Outstanding Progress Award” to its agents and clients.
        Then at the beginning of the performance time, a dance of the song “Good Time” soon roused all people at the banquet.
        Employees from the Shenzhen branch performed a sketch comedy and reproduced the pains and joys of people working in the semiconductor industry in a humorous manner.
Another dance called Shoulder-Shaking shows the audience all the petty actions that can help to relax shoulders.
        The game “AppoTech Products Squat” integrated all the products of AppoTech with the game and helped all guests at the gala to know more about them.       
        A song called “The Incredible AppoTech”, whose lyrics were written by AppoTech staff, conveyed the AppoTech’s spirits of “pursuing the highest quality” to all audience.
        Staff of the Hong Kong branch followed their classic pattern and performed the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. 
        To express the appreciation for all staff for their hard work in 2017, AppoTech held an unprecedented on-site lucky draw that offered everything one might wish for. More than 85% of the staff got a prize and the lots of agents and allies sponsored the lucky draw during the banquet, bringing the gala to a climax.  
        With the year of dog approaching, may AppoTech, all suppliers and clients happy new year and scale new heights in 2018.
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