With Roots in Zhuhai, AppoTech Determines to Grow Big and Strong
        On December 6, 2016, Liu Qiying, Mayor of Zhuhai Xiangzhou District, and the department heads of Xiangzhou District Government, Xiangzhou Bureau of Science and Industry Information, and Investment Promotion Center inspected Buildwin International (Zhuhai) Limited (Buildwin). Buildwin’s General Manager Mr. Chen Mingjiao and other management members reported the company’s development and next year’s strategic plan. The leaders of Xiangzhou District attached great importance to and spoke highly of Buildwin’s rapid development in recent years. When it came to the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperative innovation area”, Mayor Liu set high expectation for Buildwin and invited the founder of Buildwin, Mr. Chuck Cheng to visit the Xiangzhou District Government.
        On December 8, Mr. Chuck Cheng, President and founder of Buildwin, General Manager Mr. Chen and other members of Buildwin visited the Xiangzhou District Government at invitation and met with the Xiangzhou District’s Communist Party Secretary Mr. Yan Hao. President Chuck Cheng made a detailed report on Buildwin’s development plan, future adjustment and increase of business mode, protection of intellectual property and introduction of overseas investment. At the end of the report, Mr. Cheng said he would make full use of Zhuhai’s geographical advantages and respond to the instruction of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperative innovation area”. He would also invite the enterprise members of AAMA to invest in Zhuhai and recommend more cutting-edge technologies and programs to Zhuhai and especially Xiangzhou District. Secretary Yan appreciated the rapid development Buildwin have gained since he inspected Buildwin in 2015 and expressed his confidence in Buildwin’s action and measures to put down roots in Zhuhai and grow big and strong.

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