President Chuck Cheng Discusses the IC Development with Deputy Mayor of Xiangzhou District
        On May 8, 2018, Mr. Chuck Cheng visited the Xiangzhou Government at the invitation of Mr. Liu Hong, Member of the Standing Committee of Xiangzhou District and Deputy District Mayor, and had an in-depth discussion about the IC development in the context of China-US trade conflicts.
        Deputy Mayor Liu Hong introduced the “Zhuhai Talents Plan” that the government launched recently to attract high-caliber talents as well as the program of Nanping Industry Park and Zhuhai Scientific & Innovative Town to stimulate innovation and technology. Mr. Chuck Cheng also proposed some advice to help the IC design industry grow stronger. According to him, the government should give more support to investors in terms of investment climate and intellectual property protection so as to prop up the research and development of our own intellectual property rights in the IC industry.

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