AppoTech was honored, the "Best Market Performance Award" in the "China Chip" Award event.
2017 China IC industry Promotion Conference was held in the morning of October 23 at the conference room of Kunshan Jinling Hotel. AppoTech's Bluetooth audio SoC chip, CW669X, was honored, the “Best Market Performance Award” in the “China Chip” Award event. For fourth consecutive years, AppoTech has been awarded this highest honor award from MIIT Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Centre (CSIP), and this year is the fifth consecutive year. The founder and president of AppoTech, Mr. Chuck Cheng, the General Manager of Shenzhen Branch, Xianling Peng and ,the General Manager of Zhuhai Branch, Mingjiao Chen are on behalf of AppoTech group to attend the conference this year. 
AppoTech's product was highly praised by the IC evaluation committees at the award ceremony. The committees hoped that Chinse product would play more innovative advantages for future design, and gradually toward the development of high-end chips in order to achieve the goal of dominate 95% of the market. Professor Wei said, “the future of the chip circuit model should be structured and functioned dynamically in accordance with the requirements of software changes, that is, Software-defined chip and dynamic reconfigurable architecture to ensure the function and flexibility of the chips. As adhere to the “independent innovation” for the core competitiveness of enterprises, AppoTech will be able to set a new journey.
Awarded product feature information
2017 one of the Best Market Performance Award product, CW669X. a highly integrated Bluetooth audio application processor chip. Has built-in 32-bit audio expansion instruction set, integrated MP3 decoder, SBC decoder, audio processor, high-speed 8-bit CPU core, built-in 32-bit audio expansion instruction set, integrated MP3 decoder, SBC decoder, audio processor, High-performance microphone amplifier, audio ADC and DAC, SD card controller, full-speed USB2.0 master and slave controller, RTC and other modules.
Compared to the previous generation, the new features include: MP3+BT highly integrated to reduce BOM cost; Better RF performance for small application; Buck power supply greatly extending battery life of compatible products; Mono/dual channel options available, more advantageous BOM cost selection.

It is a great cost efficiency product that provides a highly competitive solution based on the trend of Bluetooth calling and music streaming. This product can be used widely on Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, High quality stereo speakers, Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soundbar etc. 
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