AppoTech's Product Showcase at International ICT Expo
AppoTech attended the International ICT Expo with key products including, Bluetooth K-Mic (master chip: CW6690G), Bluetooth Headphone (master chip: CW6691X), Home theater speaker (master chip: AX3153X), WiFi Drone (master chip: AX3268), and so on.  Many established enterprises such as JBL of Harman, Xiaomi Eco-chain enterprise, and NetEase, Inc, prefer AppoTech due to its stability in cost-effective solutions.

Since its establishment in 2005, AppoTech has concentrated its efforts toward the research and development on its own chip. AppoTech’s vision is to become the world’s leading fabless company. In order to meet the customers’ needs and create long-term growth, AppoTech and its best talents provide the best service on one-stop solution. With the arrival of industry 4.0, AppoTech extends its research and development into more scientific and technological applications to build, optimize and integrate technology for leading the smart life.
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