AppoTech Shows its Debut in COMPUTEX2016
Computex2016, Taipei International Computer Show was held at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. The Software and Integrated Circuit Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Base of Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone and many other IC design enterprises have joined the exhibition. AppoTech, as one of the exhibitor, has made its debut with its own chips and related application solutions. Computex Taipei is the world's second largest international computer exhibition in Asia. The theme of this exhibition was for all technology giants to join to “all Internet ˙ wisdom, innovation - Construction of the global technology ecosystem”. In this exhibition, the key products of AppoTech, such as Bluetooth smart lighting (master chip: CW6689X), Bluetooth headphone (Master chip: CW6687X & CW6686X), and Home theater speaker (master chip: AX3153X) have been brought to many established enterprise attentions -including JBL of Harman, Xiaomi Eco-chain enterprise, and NetEase, Inc. due to its stability in cost-effective solutions.

Since AppoTech’s establishment in 2005, it has concentrated its efforts toward the research and development of its own chip. Its vision is to become the world’s leading fabless company. In order to meet its customers’ needs and create long-term growth, AppoTech provides its best service of one-stop solution with its best talent. With the arrival of industry 4.0, AppoTech extends its research and development into more scientific and technological applications to build, optimize and integrate technology for leading the smart life.
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