Catch the Wave: Tips from Steve Hoffman
On February 25, 2017, Lawrence Yee, the chairman of AAMA, and Chuck Cheng (CEO of AppoTech) invited the leading incubator, Steve Hoffman (a.k.a. Captain Hoff, the Captain of Founder Space) to the information sharing meeting at Qianhai E Hub.  This meeting has opened the door to fostering the talent development plan.

Steve Hoffman analyzed several issues that most entrepreneurs are facing, including financing, business model, team formation, leadership characteristics, and products and markets. Mr. Hoffman also provided guidance on these issues from the perspective of angel investor. He encouraged all startups who aim to the global: expand your mind and live the dream.

This meeting was sponsored by AppoTech. In order to promote the cooperation of both domestic and overseas, Philip Leung, the Vice Chairman & Founding President of the Pearl River Delta Chapter of AAMA, and Nixon Zheng, the President and Legal Advisor of AAMA. were both invited to the meeting. They provided a spectacular speech to the innovative startups on the topics of “Chinese entrepreneurs to International standard”and“Chinese entrepreneurs into the US market”. Both Mr. Leung and Mr. Zheng encouraged everyone to catch the waves-with the help of government, to the road of entrepreneurship that lead to success.

About AAMA:
Known as Asia America Multi-Technology Association, was founded in Silicon Valley in 1979. It represents a diverse and influential spectrum of technology industries. AAMA strives to foster business growth and capital investment across Silicon Valley and Asia. Its global presences include Silicon Valley, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beijing.
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